PMI® Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) 70 Professional Development Units (PDU)
Students should have a basic understanding of Quality concepts

Lean + Six Sigma Green Belt Training | 10 Days

Duration: 10 Days

Our Lean Six Sigma course gives you everything you need to know to master Green Belt certification. Lead by our enthusiastic instructors, you are sure to walk away with a true understanding of how to use LSS to your advantage!

This complete Lean Six Sigma course prepares participants to perform the role of a LSS Green Belt. This curriculum is formatted and delivered in such a way that the problem-solving strategy is demonstrated throughout the course. By utilizing various Statistical and Business Improvement tools participants can clearly see and communicate the flow and process of the methodology in order to instill both the tactical and strategic
aspects of the LSS Green Belt skill set. Various group exercises utilizing training aids, pre-formatted data sets and templates facilitate interactive group learning within a class.

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the various phases involved in becoming a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: Define Phase, Measure Phase, Analyze Phase, Improve Phase, Control Phase. In addition you will learn how to:
• Determine root causes
• Identify and collect relevant data
• Identify your current Process Capability
• Select the right projects
• Measure as well as identify customer requirements
• Architect and test solutions
• Implement sustainable improvements

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training courses have a comprehensive curriculum covering everything within the Lean Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C body of knowledge required to successfully prepare students to achieve Green Belt certifications and performance standards.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt concepts covered:
Define Phase:
• Understanding Six Sigma
• Six Sigma Fundamentals
• Selecting Projects
• Elements of Waste
• Wrap Up and Action Items

Measure Phase:
• Welcome to Measure
• Process Discovery
• Six Sigma Statistics
• Measurement System Analysis
• Process Capability
• Wrap Up and Action Items

Analyze Phase:
• Welcome to Analyze
• “X” Sifting
• Inferential Statistics
• Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
• Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part One and Part Two
• Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part One and Part Two
• Wrap Up and Action Items

Improve Phase:
• Welcome to Improve
• Process Modeling Regression
• Advanced Process Modeling
• Designing Experiments
• Wrap Up and Action Items

Control Phase:
• Welcome to Control
• Advanced Experiments
• Capability Analysis
• Lean Controls
• Defect Controls
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Six Sigma Control Plans
• Wrap Up and Action Items

Process experts, team members, project leaders who will lead smaller projects, individuals who will support Black Belts with data collection and future leaders.