Course IDA131DW
PMI® Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) 8 Professional Development Units (PDU)
No Prerequisites specified.

Apollo 13 – An ITSM Case Experience™ Simulation Wkshp | 1 Day

Duration: 1 Days

With this interactive workshop, students will understand how to utilize and apply ITIL® practices in a real-life setting: the Apollo 13 mission! Students play the role of Mission Control and bring the astronauts safely home—all while learning valuable lessons.

In this highly interactive business simulation workshop, participants will see, feel and experience the benefits of applying ITIL® best practices. Participants experience what it takes to successfully implement process-based methodologies that align services with business goals, reduce service delivery costs, and send customer satisfaction skyrocketing.

In this training, real life situations taken from the Apollo 13 mission are simulated. Participants apply ITIL best practices while enacting the roles of the Mission Operations Control team of Apollo 13. Participants must work together as a team, make decisions and apply optimum work practices to meet service level targets and bring the Apollo 13 astronauts safely back to earth.

• Apply ITSM processes (design, implement, monitor and improve)
• Better understand continuous improvement concepts
• Learn the importance of process roles and responsibilities
• Understand how Service Level Agreements are used to implement and improve processes
• Gain insight to managing processes and external suppliers to deliver end-to-end services

• Employees requiring understanding of their role in contributing
to IT organizational performance
• Employees requiring an understanding of ITIL and the benefits of ITSM
• Process managers and project managers responsible for implementing
and managing processes
• CIOs and Senior IT Managers faced with a need to improve
IT organization performance